The VETs are an Active Platoon in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4

That’s right.  We are still playing Battlefield 4 and loving it!  DICE, you have a long way to go to make Battlefield 1 a polished game.  The server admin controls for Battlefield 1 suck, to say the least.  We have ranted about this since day one!  After many frustrating months of not being able to play together as a platoon, we fired up our old server and started playing Battlefield 4.

We were amazed at how quick the server filled up!  We were also very happy to see a lot of familiar gamer tags in there too.  It looks like our old friends remember where to find a good server where the play is fair and unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated.  If you are on any of our servers and get kicked, please read this message.  It may have been to make room for a member, but we also do not allow intentional team killing among other strictly enforced rules.

We still play Battlefield 1 and we really hope DICE can fix the issues to allow Platoons to stay together.  What good is being in a Platoon if you get auto balanced every round?  Even players in the same party chat get split up.  Ridiculous!

We are trying to make the best of it and have played in a few tournament matches with other like minded platoons.  We even had our first Battlefield 1 32 vs 32 Hardcore scrimmage against our friends, The BATS.  This was one of the best experiences we have had with the new game because it was the first time we were able to play with a full platoon on one side, and the BATS enjoyed that experience as well.

If you are interested in playing with the VETs in Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4, consider joining our platoon.  If you are just a casual gamer and want to play on our servers, look for “The Screaming Eagles VETs” in Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4.  Take a look at our rules first so you know what to expect.

Lock and load gamers!

Get Your Game On!


It’s Tournament Time!  After a long wait, the necessary tools for managing a tournament are finally here.  Our good friends at Tier One Gaming Live are setting up a 20 vs 20 Conquest Tournament for Playstation 4, and the VETs couldn’t be more excited.  These tournaments are streamed live by the Tier One Gaming Live crew.  This is a top notch production!  Watch the event live as teams fight it out to see who gets the to take the title as the best Hardcore Conquest Team.

The rules for these matches are strictly enforced.  Game play is fair and the competition is the best you will find.  Tier One Gaming Live has been putting these tournaments together for over three years so you can expect a great experience.

If your team is interested in participating in the tournament, head over to the registration page on Tier One Gaming Live site and sign up.  The registration deadline is May 25th.  The tournament starts on June 2nd.

The VETs are currently recruiting new members.  If you would like to join the VETs, you can fill out an application and one of our recruiters will get in touch with you.  (Please read our rules first)  We currently have our 20 player team together, but we are working on filling up a second team for the next tournament.

Get Your Game On!

Important Battlefield 1 Server Admin Features are Missing

We are a competitive platoon that has been together since Battlefield 2. We pay for a server that gives us very little control.  We have no way to stay on the same side. The server admin control in it’s current state is just not good enough.

We can’t move players to get our guys on the same side, the only option is to kick and hope your platoon can switch themselves over. Usually, the next player in the queue beats them to it. Admins can’t play while trying to kick people to get our members on the same side because the admin screen is so laggy.

The admin interface is very laggy, the way the menus were in the first version of BF1. It makes it a very slow process. And who wants to kick people just so your platoon members can switch sides? That is not how we want to treat visitors to our server, we want them to come and play not get kicked over and over again.

Through the transition from Battlefield 4 to Battlefield 1, we managed to keep our membership strong. We currently have over 50  members. All the way to the end of Battlefield 4, we frequently had 32 or more members playing at the same time on our servers and we had over 100 members during this time. This attracts other platoons and players who like the challenge of competing against an organized team. Our server was always full. Sadly, many of our members are losing interest.

Many of the platoons we enjoyed playing against are also losing interest. We have been looking forward to playing in competitive tournaments, but without the admin control we need, we can’t do that anymore. A game we used to love is now frustrating us to the point of giving up.

You can fix these problems by implementing some of the features that we used to enjoy in Battlefield 4

  • Give admins the ability to move players, not just kick them.
  • Display Platoon / Clan tags in the server admin screen. It is very difficult to manage players when you can’t differentiate your platoon members. The platoon tag at the front of the name in the player list makes it easy to see who is who.
  • Bring back the Ready Up status. In Battlefield 4, a minimum amount of players would need to ready up before the round would begin. This gives admins a chance to get their guys on the same team before the start of the round.

Wish List: Implement Server Features for Platoons and Competitive Gaming Groups

  • Set a category for the server indicating it is a Platoon Server. Players who don’t want to play on a server where an entire team is working together can filter this out. Likewise, those that do like the competition can find it.
  • Platoon Server can turn off auto balancing without making it a custom game mode and still be joinable from the quick match menu.
  • Give queue priority to Platoon Members.
  • Allow for player lists for competitors who the server admin would like to keep on the opposite side.

This wish list may be asking a lot, but the competitive community plays Battlefield because it IS NOT Call of Duty. Help us play competitively again. At least give us the server control we had with BF4. Please!

Back to Basics

The new Back to Basics game mode puts you on the battlefield with a bolt action rifle.  No SMG’s no LMG’s, no scopes, no heavy armor, elite classes,  planes or behemoths.  Just you and your aim against the enemy.  When I first read about Battlefield 1 I was excited to see the war from the perspective of a soldier fighting in WWI.  I expected a slower paced game where aim was crucial.  A game where choosing your route and taking cover was the key to success, not how fast you could sprint from objective to objective knifing your way through the fight.  Well, that wasn’t the case.  You can survive a head shot from a rifle and speed is still king.  DICE has also taken a lot of literary license with the weaponry.  Don’t get me wrong, the variety of weapons in the standard game modes are a lot of fun.  But the stripped down Back to Basics game mode is a nice change of pace.

Weapon lethality is higher in this game mode, so one or two good shots will usually bring down the enemy.  This seems to slow the game down while still keeping the action moving along.  Taking cover and choosing your shots will help you last longer.  Running the Medic Class is also as effective as  ever with your ability to revive and drop health.  With the lack of automatic weapons, revolvers may become your new best friend with their rate of fire and increased damage.

The weapons each side has to choose from are specific to that faction. When you get used to the sounds of the weapons you can start to identify friendly fire from enemy fire. The heavy tanks and planes may be missing, but there will still be some armored cars and transport vehicles with MG’s.  These can be as deadly as any tank you have ridden in and showing up to a choke point with a machine gun will wreak havoc on the enemy and cause chaos.  Grenades are still everywhere so don’t stay in one spot too long.  The light vehicles can’t take more than a grenade or two.

So grab a rifle and go play a few rounds and tell us what you think!

VETs Platoon XO