Inaugural 32 vs 32

This scrimmage against the BATS Platoon was our first 32 vs 32 match in Battlefield 1.  We defeated this formidable opponent three maps in a row.  The first two victories came down to the final tickets, including a...

Medal of the Victorious

This award is earned by members who participated in a winning match in an official VETs Battle.

Rookie Standout

Given to a new member of the VETs after displaying outstanding gameplay, teamwork and discipline.

Call of the Reserves

This award is earned by members who signed up as a reserve for an official match.  To ensure that the VETs were fully staffed, reserve members waited in the game menu to be available on...

The Paradigm Award

This award is given to those members who showed perseverance through turbulent times. A new day is on us, and you were there to see the sun rise.

VETs Recruiting Master

The Recruiting Mastery badge is awarded to VETs recruiters, after they have completed their first independent platoon interview (awarded by CRC or above).

VETs 140

The VETs “140 club” badge is issued in recognition of those individuals who have reached the summit, of BF4: level 140.

VETs : Badge of the True Professional

Awarded to individuals who, both casually and regularly, lead by example in the most professional way. Displaying civility, humility, competence, dedication, and diligence on day to day basis; they are the embodiment of, not only...

Special Operations Service Ribbon

Awarded by division commander when they assess that a VETs candidate meets divisional qualifications to be an active member in the division.