VETs CAC II Citation

Awarded in recognition of those, whom not only participated in the main event on the nineteenth of February, twenty-sixteen, but also took part in the VETs draft night. The “Grinch v Hawk” Showdown was the...

VETs CAC Citation

Awarded in recognition of those, whom not only participated in the main event on the twenty-third day of January, twenty-sixteen, but also took part in the first ever: VETs draft night. The “Iceman vs PUGHTDS”...

VETs Re-Ignition Unit Commendation

With all the ebbs and flows in platoon battle action, throughout the VETs rebuild; it has taken a special kind of culture, a special kind of individual, to “re-ignite” and fire it back up. No...

VETs ’15 Rebuild

Awarded to members who stood fast through the rigorous VETs rebuild and re-structure over the summer/fall of 2015. Receiving the award themselves for their steadfast role; recipients showed great poise and dedication through a trying...

VETs One Year of Service

This service award represents one year of service in the VETs Battlefield platoon. One year of service that reflects the individual’s selfless service and dedication to the organization.

VETs Founding Member

Awarded to member who’s join date is ’13, recognizing the selflessness and dedication of our tenured members. EST 11/11 of ’15 (veterans day)

VETs Divisional Meritorious Commendation

Displays exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service, noble deeds, or extraordinary actions; all embodying the core value of selfless service. Awards are put in by division commanders, and approved CSM, XO, and/or...

VETs Superior Service

The Superior Service Award is in recognition of those who go above and beyond in the call for dedication and commitment to the VETs platoon. Members are nominated by Command Element personnel for this award.

VETs Commander Commendation

The Commander’s Commendation ribbon is awarded by any of the three commanders (CO, XO, or CSM), to individuals they feel best embody the core values of the platoon: Dedication, Integrity, and Team play.

VETs Mile High Moxie

The inaugural recipient for the mile high moxie commendation is, VETs senior leader McMadman. His aggressive and vigorous leadership style, led to the motivation and drive of those around him. All of this with a...