VETs Remarkable Service Badge

The VETs Remarkable Service Badge is reserved in decoration of those members who’s voluntary service, well exceeds the norm and standard set forth by platoon leadership. The RSB is awarded by, and only by, the...

VETs Real World Service and Sacrifice

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We know, understand, and appreciate the sacrifices that you and your family have made on our behalf. Whether you serve in the military, law enforcement, or...

VETs SO Dual Force Cord

Garnished in tandem with the SO service ribbon, the Dual Force cord is worn in symbolic display of one of Spec Ops greatest virtues. Strength: The inner power to withstand whatever comes. Endurance in the...

VETs Leaders Cord

Awarded to leaders at time of appointment to leadership position.

VETs Trailblazer Cord

Awarded to those individuals who played a critical roll in the VETs rebuild of twenty-fifteen: The VETs “Trailblazer Cord” not only recognizes the aforementioned, as well, it symbolizes their loyalty to the platoon.

VETs Combat Patch

The VETs Combat Patch is awarded to members who meet VETs standard for dedication and commitment to the platoon & platoon activities; during their first 90 days with the platoon.