The new Back to Basics game mode puts you on the battlefield with a bolt action rifle.  No SMG’s no LMG’s, no scopes, no heavy armor, elite classes,  planes or behemoths.  Just you and your aim against the enemy.  When I first read about Battlefield 1 I was excited to see the war from the perspective of a soldier fighting in WWI.  I expected a slower paced game where aim was crucial.  A game where choosing your route and taking cover was the key to success, not how fast you could sprint from objective to objective knifing your way through the fight.  Well, that wasn’t the case.  You can survive a head shot from a rifle and speed is still king.  DICE has also taken a lot of literary license with the weaponry.  Don’t get me wrong, the variety of weapons in the standard game modes are a lot of fun.  But the stripped down Back to Basics game mode is a nice change of pace.

Weapon lethality is higher in this game mode, so one or two good shots will usually bring down the enemy.  This seems to slow the game down while still keeping the action moving along.  Taking cover and choosing your shots will help you last longer.  Running the Medic Class is also as effective as  ever with your ability to revive and drop health.  With the lack of automatic weapons, revolvers may become your new best friend with their rate of fire and increased damage.

The weapons each side has to choose from are specific to that faction. When you get used to the sounds of the weapons you can start to identify friendly fire from enemy fire. The heavy tanks and planes may be missing, but there will still be some armored cars and transport vehicles with MG’s.  These can be as deadly as any tank you have ridden in and showing up to a choke point with a machine gun will wreak havoc on the enemy and cause chaos.  Grenades are still everywhere so don’t stay in one spot too long.  The light vehicles can’t take more than a grenade or two.

So grab a rifle and go play a few rounds and tell us what you think!

VETs Platoon XO

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