Date(s) - 05/08/2018
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The first match for this tournament is scheduled for the second week of May.  A date and time will be worked out between the two participating Platoons and this page will be updated with the agreed upon date and time.

  • This is an 8 vs 8 Hardcore Conquest Small match.
  • We need to submit a roster with up to 25 participants by May 4th.  Signups for the event end on May 3rd.
  • You will need your VETs or VETr tag to participate.
  • Our roster comes from our website, you cannot be in AWOL status, you will not show up on the roster if you are.
  • This match will consist of four rounds.  The first two rounds will be played on Operation Metro, so you must have this DLC map to participate.
  • The second two rounds will be played on Classic maps with each Platoon choosing one map.
  • Teams will be chosen by Upper Leadership and will likely change from match to match due to player availability and tenure.


  • No Rocket
  • No M320
  • No XM25 Airburst
  • No C4,
  • No RPG
  • No LAW
  • No Explosives for Infantry Class
  • No SUAV
  • No UCAV
  • No EOD Bot
  • No Motion Detector
  • No Motion Ball
  • No Claymores
  • No Shotgun
  • No map guns such as the MG in Metro



  • Private
  • Team Balance Off
  • Ticket Count: %75
  • Auto Rotation Off
  • Slowdown On


17 of 32 spaces confirmed

Bookings are closed for this event.


****** Blue Team ******

  • Emberson_Strife
  • Sparky1796
  • drliebs
    Platoon XO
  • Iceman50123
    Company Commander
  • LimaBravo
  • Lgmcdrifter
  • Airmax23
  • Justcallmetheguy
  • DeathDemon_1992
  • L-P-R-16
    Recon CO
  • Playerx53
    Squad Leader
  • The_Boone
    Squad Leader
  • BeaR_JEW_blaze1
    SF CO
  • Mayday2218
  • Crazy_Dad_21
  • 20 members attending

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I’m lacking in BF4 skillz but will sign up still. My seat is available to more qualified VETS if needed.