Date(s) - 12/02/2017
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

This is the Lastbattle of the season. We will square off against STD on Hardcore Front Lines.

  • Maps will be announced soon.
  • This is a hardcore tournament battle, READ THE RULES.
  • Only VETs members submitted from our current Platoon Roster will be able to play or participate as substitutes.
  • Be on EARLY, the match starts at 9:00, be in your party chat by 8:30 or earlier.

This match will be lived streamed.  Under no circumstances will any VETs member relay information during the match to active players.  This is cheating and will get us banned from future tournament play.  As such, we will not tolerate any cheating or rule breaking.  Failing to uphold our standard of integrity will get you banned from the VETs.  Treat all players and tournament officials with respect at all times.  Any complaints or objections should be reported to your SQL.


12 of 16 spaces confirmed

Bookings are closed for this event.


****** Blue Team ******

  • LeoTheWanderer9
    Division CO
  • Elvenprince8690
    Squad Leader
  • aQuirkySmurf1
  • crushim420
    Squad Leader
  • drliebs
    2nd CoC / Armor CO
  • Iceman50123
    Platoon CO
  • MorteEtDabo13
  • Airmax23m
  • Playerx53
    Carlos Hathcock Squad Leader
  • BeaR_JEW_blaze1
    4th CoC / Special Forces CO
  • Justcallmetheguy
  • Private_wolcott
    8th CoC, Public Relations, Facebook
  • 12 members attending

    ****** Red Team / OPFOR ******

    3rd CoC / Infantry CO
  • 2 members attending

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have to take care of last minute business. Should be back before the match starts


Gotta back out this weekend, wife made some plans.


Working a night shift, best of luck guys!