Date(s) - 12/27/2017
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Practice Starts at 9:00
Arrive early to join your Division’s Party Chat
Designate Squads
Check Comms
Check your Loadout
Confirm your role in the Battle Plan
Lock and Load!

9 of 64 spaces confirmed

Bookings are closed for this event.


****** Blue Team ******

  • Campbell7575
    Squad Leader
  • Emberson_Strife
  • drliebs
    Platoon XO
  • Iceman50123
    Company Commander
  • Getemcoach2015
  • Justcallmetheguy
  • Titan76239
  • NonScaryGhost
  • HyperionShadows
  • 12 members attending

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2 Comments on "Wednesday Night Practice"

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I should be able to do tonight, I am sick as hell tho, however, IDK for how long but starting tomorrow I will be packing in RL since we are moving on the 1st and not sure how long my net will be offline.


Ps plus expired wount get it for about a week or so