DayZ – A New VETs Gaming Community

We have purchased a Dayz Server for Playstation 4 users.  This is a Player vs Environment server.  Zombies spawn most of the loot, and food is very limited.

If you have played DayZ, you know that cars are suspect to random acts of lag induced self-destruction, so our cars spawn in ready to use.

Since this is a PVE server there are a few rules.

  • No killing other players.  This shouldn’t even need to be said!
  • No base raiding.  If it looks like a base, it probably is.
  • Don’t steal, the loot is easy to find on your own.
  • All players will show respect to others.  Toxic players will not be tolerated.

If this sounds like the kind of server you would like to play on, please fill out a simple application to be added to our whitelist. Featured on Tier One Esports

We are excited to announce that will be featured during a live stream event presented by Tier One Esports and Space Canada TV. This live stream will take place on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 at 9:30 PM EST. Come and watch the Platoon play while our members get the spotlight during the live stream. Hear from VETs CO Iceman50123 and XO drliebs talk about the Battlefield franchise, the community, the state of competitive gaming and the need for Rental Servers.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Patch Notes

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