The VETs Battlefield Platoon

About Us We are an organized Company made up of approximately 85% active and retired military and law enforcement and are placed into one of our platoons. The VETs have been in existence for over...

DEFCON Spring 2016 16 v 16 Conquest – Weekend 4

The Wolf Pack (VETs Team 1) vs. TOM 1:3 Battlefield 4 | Game #16 | VETS1 vs TOM
by Tier One Gaming Live
Starts: June 24, 2016
Defcon 16v16. VETS Team #1 vs The Orphan Makers.
Dawnbreaker, Golmud Railway, Dragon Valley 2015
FRI 6:00 PM PST/9:00PM EST

Attention New Recruits!

Don’t put the VETs tag on just yet!  There is a process to follow and if an admin sees you playing on the server with the VETs tag on you are likely to get BANNED!...

VETs *vs* TOM

Tonight we are going to do something that has not been done yet. The VETs are going to win and advance to the next bracket. I am quite pleased so far on how we have...

Posting Events

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A great job so far with signing up on the site but we still have a ways to go. The website will be our main source of communication and we will continue to use facebook...

DEFCON Spring 2016 16 vs 16 Conquest

Guerrilla Squad (VETs 2) vs. DOGz 0:4 It was a tough fight for the VETs, but unsurprisingly, the VETs fought to the end and made the DOGz work for it. We this rounds, but we are proud of the way we played. We never quit. We never give up. We stick together. We cut our teeth with this tournament and we will come back as better players. Thanks to everyone who participated!