Upper leadership will be holding meetings each week so we can be organized with our transition to bfV.
Going forward we will be posting important information including our platoon and server rules. Rules will be posted next week.
This weeks post will be our upper leadership and their responsibilities.

This is the list in rank order of upper leadership. Next to their name is what they look after. 

  1. Iceman – Platoon Commander
  2. Drliebs – Platoon XO
  3. STAiNDCLASS82- Infantry – Platoon Liaison 
  4. Bearjew – Special Forces
  5. LPR- recon – Recruiting
  6. Schoenberg- Infantry 
  7. Snafu – Platoon Liaison 
  8. Parker – Battles, scrimmages, Facebook, Public Relations (External Grievances) 

Grievance or issue process

Any issue will be as always. You will follow the chain and here is how it will go and the path the grievance will follow.

  1. Squad leader
  2. Division commander 
  3. *Snafu

* at this time STAiNDCLASS82 will decide if the issue needs to be addressed in an upper leader meeting and whether a vote is needed.

When a vote is needed

  • There are 8 upper leaders.
  • The platoon Commander has the final decision on all issues if necessary.
  • ALL upper leaders must be present in order for a vote to take place. (Present meaning in the meeting or accessible through message or text.)

Next week our platoon and server rules will be posted.

These rules will immediately go into effect and will be followed.

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8 months ago

Could not make it last night work event sorry guys late comment