For those members who have been involved in Battle Plans and or want to be involved please read…

Here is an OLD battle plan for Ballroom Blitz.  We have since changed our approach, but the details have not been added to the new plans yet.  Here is how you can be heard.  Notice the short description for each division’s objectives?  Come up with your ideas to be summarized the way we put it in this old battle plan.  Things to consider:

For maps with armor:

Armor needs room to maneuver, armor will try to avoid areas with lots of cover for infantry or narrow hard to traverse roads.  Armor will primarily operate in the back base and center objective.  Armor does not usually operate  past the center objective because retreating can leave slow moving vehicles exposed and unable to return to the main AO quickly enough when we get flanked.  It is better to be in a position to defend back bases.

Maps with air:

Securing bases that provide additional planes or vehicles should be a priority.  If they belong to us they can’t kill us.  Also, know the locations of AA in your squad’s AO.  If enemy air is too disruptive assign someone to the AA.  Also be on the lookout for enemies operating the AA and be prepared to assist from the ground.  Utilize and coordinate air drops with our pilots.

Strategies for Recon:

On maps with space, it would be ideal to have 3 or 4 long range snipers positioned around the corners of the map.  A sniper’s primary objective is to spot and report enemy troop and vehicle movement.  This allows us to attack advancing enemies at a place of our choosing.  This also will limit the ability for the enemy to flank us as we will have time to coordinate air drops. 

Another idea that we have discussed but not tried in battle is to place one recon player in the squad of the other divisions to act as a spawn beacon.  Recon would remain in party chat with recon division, but by being placed in different Infantry, SF or Armor squads, those squads would have a good chance of getting back to their AO more quickly. 

For these reasons, it is the long distance recon members primary objective to stay alive.  Kills are not as important as spotting the enemy and providing span access.  Don’t take a shot if it will compromise your position. 

The role of mid-range sniper units is still being ironed out, all ideas are on the table.


Infantry will be the primary fighting force and therefore will be allotted the largest player count.  Infantry will typically have 2-3 squads attacking the main objective.  1 squad should be prepared to act as a QRF if we are not able to defend our home objectives. 


Air will be our best defense against enemy armor.  Air’s ability to spot is second to none, but the difficulty is communicating over zello while trying to fly the plane.  We should consider having air in the same party chat as a SF or any party that has room.  When air locates enemy troops or vehicles, they can call it out and a party member can relay that over recon.  Orders given to air can also be relayed this way.

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