We are adding new events and mixing up our practice schedule.

We will have one mandatory BFV Conquest practice each week.
The day will be a random Monday, Wednesday or Thursday each week to give all members a better chance to make it as some of you have schedule conflicts.

A second practice will be a mix of BF4, BF1 or BFV (alternate game modes).
The day will be random a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday each week.

The third night is “Community Night”.
This is a chance to play any game you want with other members of the community. We want members to get to know other members outside of their squad and enjoy their favorite games together.

Community Night may involve Battlefield for those members who want to focus on those games. If a leader sets up an event, there will be signups and attendance points will be earned for those who participate.

Saturday Night Special:
STAINDCLASS will be hosting Battlefield events twice a month on Saturday night. There will be signups and attendance points to earn.

We are working to setup BF1 and BF4 tournaments and scrimmages. We haven’t had the opportunity to compete in BFV so we are turning to the old classics because, you know, rental servers.

Look for The Screaming Eagles VETs BF4 and BF1 Servers
Thanks to SNAFU for renewing the BF4 server until June. Mayday is also setting up a BF1 server. Thank you guys!

Working to Make the VetsGaming Community the Best it Can Be
Now that you have read all of this, put a thumbs up on the Discord Announcement that brought you here. Failure to react to the discord post means you are not willing to participate in this community.

Participation is what makes the community work. We are trying these ideas to give our members opportunities to play together and keep everyone interested.

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5 years ago


5 years ago

I believe that this is an excellent direction for the VETs gaming community to go in. It gives us all the opportunity to play BFV as a platoon in a serious manner and gives us an opportunity to play other games from the battlefield series and have fun. I am excited to mix this up and I am looking forward to playing other non battlefield games with the members of the VETs community. I want all of our members to know that we are not giving up on BFV at all but under the current situation with rental servers the… Read more »