Squad Conquest, 16 vs 16

This game mode puts the emphasis on strategy. The mops are smaller, more tactical layouts of Arras, Hamada, and Rotterdam. Player movement will be limited so that it is easier to predict where enemies will be. This will require careful planning of your routes and area of operation.

It will be interesting to see how this game mode effects game speed. Will it lead to a fast-paced, frantic, bullet storm? Or, will it require a slower pace that rewards patience and planning? It will be fun to find out.

Time to Death

Time to Death, or TTD as it is often referred to, has been a hot topic. In a previous patch, Dice experimented with TTD settings that allowed a player to take more damage before dying. Dice decided rather quickly that the original settings were preferred and those settings were restored. Thankfully, it looks like Dice is not making changes to damage. The changes are designed to help you determine who is shooting at you, who killed you, and from where. Improvements have been made to the damage direction indicator and tracer visibility. One change hardcore players will probably hate, is the addition of a camera that follows and zooms towards the killer. Now the enemy will know where you are hiding!

The list of fixes, tweaks and nerfs is is pretty long. Here are a few that jumped out at me.

Player Tweaks

  • Improvements to vaulting have been implemented. Thank you very much.
  • Improvements to the revive action, including a fix for consoles where the medic would end up picking up the downed players weapon.
  • Improvements to sliding, auto-peek, and auto-lean.
  • You will have a greater horizontal aiming angle when prone.
  • Footsteps will now be more audible and change based on the type of ground being stepped on.

Weapons Tweaks

  • AA guns will now overheat more quickly.
  • All tank cannons and the Panzerfaust will now one-hit kill ALL airplanes.
  • Many tweaks have been made to the SMG’s to fix accuracy problems.
  • Panzerfaust damage has been reduced.
  • Fortifications will sustain more damage from grenades and the Panzerfaust before being destroyed.
  • There have been several changes to scope glint. Medium scopes will have a smaller glint that disappears over distance. Glint will be visible at a greater distance for medium and long range scopes.
  • Changes to MMG recoil. Recoil should be more consistent across stances making the gun more predictable.

This is an interesting one:
“Resupply Station locations for vehicles are now pinned to the edge of the screen when ammo resupply is available, in order to help players find these resources. These icons scale in size and transparency the further a player is from the resources to prevent icon clutter.”

The list is long and you should definitely have a read of the official patch notes. Here’s to you, and hoping your favorite weapon didn’t get nerfed! Cheers!

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