This is a special event.  Two sides will be randomly picked and led by ElvenPrince and drliebs.  This will be a private event hosted in Server 2.  We ask participants to arrive extra early to coordinate teams, party chats and finding the correct Zell Channels.

This will be a fun event so sign up and get in on the action.

The Match Starts at 9:00
Arrive early to join your Team’s Party Chat
Designate Squads
Check Comms
Check your Loadout

If we have more than 16 players (and we fully expect more), we will use our Zello Channels, VETs Blue Team and VETs Red Team, so each team can communicate privately.  We will also have one member from each team assigned to The Red Line VETs Admin Channel to allow the two teams to communicate during the match.  This makes restarting, map changes or delaying the start of a match easier to communicate.

Lock and Load!

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