Thank you for playing on our servers.  We work hard to make our servers a fun, fair place to play.  Take a minute to read our rules.  If you have any questions, send us a message.

  • No jihad jeeps or motorcycles. Just putting a mine or dynamite on a vehicle is enough to get you kicked.
  • No plane ramming. If you crash your plane into another vehicle intentionally you will be kicked.
  • No team killing. Intentional team killing will get you kicked. Killing a team member at a spawn point or to take their vehicle will get you banned.
  • No hacking or glitching.
  • No modded controllers. Controllers that function differently than a stock controller or that create an advantage that a stock controller does not have are prohibited.
  • Be polite to players. No Tea Bagging.  If you don’t like our rules, please play on another server.

You may be kicked from the server or moved to the opposite side to make room for VETs members. Often times we have more than 32 VETs online during our organized Platoon events.