Lately, we have been hearing from our members that they are just not into Battlefield 1 anymore. Some have said it is no longer any fun and they haven’t been hanging out as much. Others are grinding it out, comparing our time on Battlefield 1 like watching the clock at the job waiting for it to be over. This is supposed to be fun, not a grind.

We started playing Battlefield 4 more often and the feedback we are getting is that is just a lot more fun and enjoyable. We have put up polls to see what our members think and by and large, Battlefield 4 is getting the most response. We are seeing some old members joining us as well.

Where do we go from here?

Like most of the platoons we have talked with, we are waiting for the next Battlefield to be released and hopefully, it will be a great game. For those who were with us during the transition from BF4 to BF1, you know we are not going to jump in balls deep on day one. We are going to start playing the game, but we won’t make an official move until we know we have the server control we need to be able to play together as a team.  We will not make anything official until we are sure of this.  We suffered it out for over a year with BF1 until they gave us server control and it just about killed our gaming community.

We will continue to listen to our members.  If Battlefield 4 is the game of choice then that is where our focus will be.  There are still competitive opportunities out there for those who are up for the challenge.  We have been challenged to a BF4 16 vs 16 Hardcore Scrimmage and the CFL Tournament League is starting a 16 man Hardcore Season.  One of the many things BF4 gives us is a greater opportunity for teamwork.  Teamwork beyond the ground and pound game with the diversity of squads being able to work together in ways that aren’t possible with BF1.

We aren’t abandoning BF1, but our focus will be shifting to BF4.  If you haven’t played it with the platoon yet, it is the best $20 you will spend on a game.

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