Looking Back…

It has been a long year working to keep this platoon together. Battlefield 1 was released on October 21st, 2016. Here it is, January 2018 and complete server control is only a couple of weeks old! We have been unable to play as a platoon for over a year. A weaker group of players would have fallen apart by now, but we stayed together. Our core members have shown dedication at the highest level. Without you, this group would not exist. Thank you!

For those who were around during Battlefield 4, you know what it is like when the VETs filled the entire side and even had a squad or two running on the Opposing Force.  Our biggest challenge as a platoon was organization and getting our members to use the event signups on the website, which were new at the time.  We had to figure out what side our guys would be on and who would have to play OPFOR.  Looking back we realize that was a good problem to have.

Looking Forward…

Here we are, starting off the new year with a leaner if not more dedicated platoon. We have had one 32 vs 32 match in Battlefield 1 and it was an awesome event.  We dominated by the way!  We are busting at the seams to get back to that level and we are close!

You will notice new names on our member’s list as our recruiters are working hard to find new quality players to join us.  Our Battle Plans are slowly being worked out.  We are working on new special events for our members to participate in to break the grind and have some fun.  Our server is staying populated more and more.  This community is more than this one game, there are many other games we play together, from Fortnight and Ark Survival to Madden and MLB The Show to Rocket League and Gran Turismo.  We are a gaming community!

Let’s Get It Done!

Our goal of being a competitive 32 vs 32 platoon remains.  We are close to that goal!  New members, you need to make an effort to get to know your fellow members.  Old members, make the new guys feel welcome.  Everyone was new at some point.  Make sure you are signing up for each week’s events or posting your status.  Stay connected on our Facebook Page,  Spread the word to potential players.  Let’s make this year an outstanding year!

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