Everyone welcome to this weeks hunt! Due to a few technical difficulties I was unable to use the “EASTER” I had planned.

Starting off today, I would like to congradulate those who have found one or two “EASTER”‘s.

With 2 Points! drliebs, playerx53, and StumblingSTEMPS!!

With 1 point! R1ce__kr1spy & Mr_Outlaw2823

For this week:
1. Discover what the sentence is saying
2. Send me a private message with the decoded sentence
3. You receive your point for the EASTER hunt if you can get this problem solved.

96 251521 45315454 208919 1351919175 208114 251521 1121851425 139191954 2085 511920518.

Good luck and have fun!!!

5th CoC/Mech CO/Head Recruiter
Air Div

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