Attention VETs!

Our recent VETs vs VETs practices have been  a great success. Thanks to all of our dedicated membership who came out to play. We have been organized and practice has gone off without a hitch. The matches have been hard And really got the adrenaline flowing. Your dedication is what made it possible. Following protocol and signing up allowed us to divide teams and get the matches together.

This gives us confidence to start hosting a special event. We are going to create an ongoing “Elite Event” where we will invite members of the Tier One Gaming community to play in our server, with our rules and our settings in a tournament like environment. “Us against Them”. Our goal is to have 32 vs 32. In order to make this work we will need to know with accuracy who will be attending so that the other platoons know how many spots are available. So continue signing up as you have been.

None of the other platoons can put 32 members on the battlefield but we can. The competition will be a mix of various platoons. They will be required to commit a roster so that by game time we know how many opponents will be playing. There will be potential for inconsistency here and we will need to be agile. If the opponents can only find 24 players some of our guys will not be able to play. No hurt feelings, if you get asked to step aside handle it like a pro. You will get your turn on another night. If the other platoons can’t get an acceptable number for the match, we will cancel the event and do our normal Red vs Blue. This isn’t about them, it’s about us. Our practices have been more than just game practice, it is organizational practice to get the hang of finding your party chat, getting on the right side and waiting to spawn in. Now that we are showing competence your leadership feels confident we can give this Community Night a try.

Let us know what you think!


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5 years ago

Sweet sounds like a blast

5 years ago

Time to rock and roll boys !!!!

5 years ago

Outstanding…sounds to be lots of fun!!!!

5 years ago

Sounds fun. I am down to participate.

5 years ago

I think it is a great idea I can not wait to kick this off

5 years ago

Sounds good, let’s kick some ass!