Home of The VETs – Screaming Eagles Battlefield Platoon

The VETs are an organized Platoon with a strong membership of active and retired military and law enforcement personnel.  Our members carry themselves in a professional and respectful manner towards teammates and opponents.

We have been competing with team play and tactical strategy since our platoon formed in 2001.

If you are interested in playing with the VETs in Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4, consider joining our platoon.  If you are just a casual gamer and want to play on our servers, look for “The Screaming Eagles VETs” in Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4.  Take a look at our rules first so you know what to expect.

Why Was I Kicked from Your Server?

First off, let us say thank you for playing on our server.  We want all players to feel welcome on the VETs Servers.  Please read this post.

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